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ficriffic's Journal

Fanfiction; It's like a drug-addiction
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Welcome to ficriffic! A place for all writers & readers respectivly to come and share their love of fanfiction and the fandom they write for. Any fandom is welcome to post their fics here. Too afraid to post your fanfiction on ff.net? Post it here and receive the comments that are going to help build your confidence level so that you can post it on other sites.


1) There is ABSOLUTLY no tolerance for flaming. If you are found to be flaming someone, you will be banned without warning. Everyone is privy to their own opinion and don't need someone screaming at them saying otherwise.

2) When posting a fic, please, if it's more than 100 words (a.k.a a drabble), post it behind an LJ-cut. Please post the following BEFORE the cut so we can see what fandom you're writing for, etc.

Rating: (IMPORTANT!!! All fics in this community will follow the Fan Rated Rating System. Authors who do not use this system will be warned and will have 24 hours to edit their stories, or their post(s) will be deleted. The MPAA is causing trouble for us fanfiction writers, and we're trying to keep from being sued.)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in (Fill in the series). They are owned by (Fill in who owns, produces, whatevers the show).
Content Warning:

3) Icons & Fanart are MORE than welcome, and is encouraged. Please don't think that this is just a community for fanfiction. It partains to all parts of each fandom! If you're posting more than 3 icons, or the pictures are big, please post them BEHIND an LJ-cut

4) Lastly, have fun. Please make sure that you read the rules and follow them. If you don't follow them, I will have to ban you, and I really don't want to heh...

If you do not know how to post an LJ-cut, please use the following: TYPE YOUR POST HERE!

(Do NOT skip spaces between the <> and the text immediately before or after, or the tag won't work.)

*If you have any problems or questions or just want to chat, e-mail me pink_thunder17, at cross_my_heart_tell_no_lies@hotmail.com*



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